I landed in Tangier a week ago, on 6th March 2011. I had three hours sleep before heading to Stanstead Airport in a mini cab early in the morning. Although I had checked the train timetable the night before and all seemed to work fine, Tottenham Hale station was closed. So I had to call back the driver who took me the station and asked him to drive me to the airport. As this is a self funded research trip, I was worried that the costs would start escalating even before I left the country. But this project has its ways to catch me by surprise and in the end Seyit, with whom I had become friend during the 45 minutes drive, did not want any more money. So there I was, queuing up at the Ryanair check in desk, half asleep and already thankful for the helping hand that guides my steps in my journey across the continents.

3.00pm. Ibn Battuta Airport. François is waiting for me. I am happy to see him, definitely too tired to face this first encounter with the city on my own. Preparations in London were frantic; as usual I had too much to do before leaving with no time to check the weather cast and prepare my suitcase accordingly. And now I find out that Tangier it’s a bit chilly and rainy in March. After all it is on the same meridian of London, I should have known…

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