Do you have memories, anecdotes, photos, videos or sound recordings of any of the cities included in Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes video sound installation, which you would like to share with us as part of the creative engagement programme “Living Archaeology of the Place”? Then we’d like to hear from you! Send us material, which you associate with a city of your choice and help us developing a new collective art work.

The themes of your choice are as follows:

FOOD – What culinary traditions, rituals, or eccentricities do you associate with the city?

MUSIC, SOUNDS & RHYTHMS – All different cities have different sounds whether it be the hum of the traffic, a call to prayer, or national and local music genres. What music, sounds and rhythms do you associate with the city?

BODY MOVEMENTS & GESTURES – All around the world there are different examples of body movement and communication through gestures. Are there any typical body movements or gestures that you associate with the city?

CELEBRATIONS (RELIGIOUS, ENTERTAINMENT, OR TRADITIONAL) – We all like to celebrate and we do this for different reasons in varying parts of the world. What religious, entertainment, or traditional celebrations do you have experience of in the city?

Please use this form to upload any memories, videos, sounds or photos related to NAPLES, SHANGHAI, MUMBAI, TANGIER, SALVADOR, LISBON and LONDON.


Alernatively, you can email it to coordinator@aldaterra.com


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