Streets of Shanghai takes inspiration from the unique encounter between the Chinese vernacular and European high life, which saw its peak between the two World Wars leaving an iconic mark still palpable in the pulsating life of its high streets and busy backroads. Walking through the streets of Shanghai is an act that ignites the imagination: the complexities of Chinese history mirrored by the intricacies of its alleyways, while millenarian cultural forms resurface as living memories, like roots branching out from the collective unconscious in people’s body movements and practices of the everyday life. It is in this precarious balance between the pale colors palette of a time gone and the aggressive architectural volumes of modern capitalist life that Streets of Shanghai finds its pace, simultaneously revealing connections to other places along the Silk Road, as in the traditional wedding ceremony, which has the bride hidden and carried through the streets in an enclosed canopy similar to the one in Tangier.

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