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I remember the funny looks when years ago I had the idea of creating a video sound art piece, which would include 7 cities from around the world. People were skeptical about the accomplishment of such an ambitious dream. The only resource I had was myself – with my irrepressible love and curiosity for the variety of people I was going to meet – and a small video camera and sound recorder.

Today, following my return from the last two research trips to Shanghai and Lisbon, I completed all of the seven video sound art pieces, finalised the preview of three pieces at the Rich Mix and built the full live installation at the Greenwich Peninsula Festival and Rich Mix with the support of Arts Council England.

This project has proved the best experience I ever had, having met people from many cultures in the world and worked with talented and generous international artists. I could see utopia materialising under my eyes and this gives me all the strength I need to take the project further, as I hope this will be beneficial not only for my own personal development as an artist, but for the many people who have and will come in contact with it. Interestingly, the more I talk about it the clearer it becomes that many people share with me a vision of a world made of cultures closer to each other than what we often see represented in the media. People have contributed in so many different ways, not least by letting me take images of themselves, record their body movements, sounds, music, and share their cultural knowledge and expertise through conversations and memory sessions. For this reason I have decided to further develop links with intergenerational groups in London and the cities I have visited to explore what local/global cultures mean to them.

Now, while the installation is live at Rich Mix, I need your support to raise more funds for the outreach activities connected to the project and its touring. If you value Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes as a source of creative inspiration through this blog, if you want to get in touch with your ancestral memories at the live installation, and want discover the hidden links amongst world cultures through the online platform we launched this winter, I ask you to sustain the project with a donation. By making a contribution you will become part of the Streets of… Supporters Team and help us continuing the work!

With best wishes
Alda Terracciano and the Streets of… Creative Team.

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