Streets of Mumbai is the second artwork produced for the video sound installation Streets of…7 cities in 7 minutes. Recorded during the monsoon season, it explores the everyday life of one of the most dynamic cities in Asia, its unique form of ‘stillness in chaos’ and daily rhythms. Set at the crossroads of ancient and modern culture, Mumbai is a city presenting itself through a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, where ancient rituals and traditions are ‘re-enacted’ through people’s everyday lives, bluntly defying the pressures of contemporary forms of globalization, while keeping ahead in the world economic race. Performed against the backdrop of elegant boulevards, overcrowded suburban areas, and electrified avenues layered with coloured billboards, everyday life appears as a form of primal artistic expression preceding any painting, script, film or photographic representation, like the undisturbed flow of a perennial dance movement reminiscent of yogic practices.

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